Regional Group Elections

Vote now!

2024 is a major election year: All eight regional groups are electing their new management teams. The elections will take place in parallel and will be conducted using our own election tool, which enables a secret and legally flawless election.


  1. In the first step (from March 1, 2024), we are calling for candidates. If you would like to get involved regionally, .
  2. In a second call, we are looking for someone to strengthen our election committee and thus ensure that the election runs smoothly.
  3. All candidates submit a profile by March 20 in which they answer the questions we provide. This will highlight the differences between the candidates.
  4. The election will open on May 6 and all members will have four weeks to cast their vote. Every member has the right to vote in their regional group.
  5. The election ends on June 3.
  6. The results will be announced in the first newsletter after the end of the election period.
  7. The new leadership teams are constituted.

We look forward to a lively participation in the elections.