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Data Privacy Statement

Data Privacy Statement for Contributions

April 2020 Version 1.0

You are required to accept our privacy policy to register. After you have registered, we collect the data in the content management system which feeds our event website with content. We use to organise the event. Among other things, we

  • print some of the data (name, institution) in the program or display it online
  • may share some of the data (name, contribution title, e-mail address, institution, possibly also your telephone number) with other contributors for to coordinate content
  • may use your contact details (name, e-mail address) for feedback to your contribution and to send you material relevant to the event (program, transcript)
  • may share some of the data (name, institution) with the session hosts
  • may share your data with collaborating institutions to the extent provided to render the service.

Please also note our other data protection terms from our Terms and Conditions:
Excerpt from our T&C, Section 7 Data protection:

  1. The database of the Contribution Website stores and processes user information in compliance with the applicable provisions of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG). Personal data is only collected to enable event planning.

  2. The user agrees that their personal data may be collected, processed and used to enable event planning.

  3. The Contribution Website will not disclose personal data to third parties. An exception is made for the program planning team and other registered users who are also contributing to event planning. In these cases, the scope of the transmitted data is limited to the minimum required.

  4. The user is entitled to request information on their stored information and to request correction, blocking and—after the event has ended—deletion thereof. Furthermore, the user is entitled to request information on the status of their stored data by e-mail at: . Insofar as there is a statutory or contractual obligation to retain the data, said data will be blocked instead of deleted.

  5. The user's personal information will be kept confidential and in particular not disclosed for the purpose of advertising or market and opinion research.