Economic consequences of CoVid19

Even if there's only a moderate hazard for individuals emanating from CoVid19 as confirmed by specialists from Germany, it allready showed severe impact on the economic scenery especially the trade fair business and interelated branches. Live-Music-Events likewise.

Therefore we want to know, if VDT-Members already suffered economical loss regarding the CoVid19-situation and how you estimate the effcts in the long run. Please inkluding the following information:

1) How are you situated (selfemployed, individual entrepreneur, part-time, short-term, employed etc.)?

2) How do you quantify your economic loss?

3) Which short- and long-term issues for your business can be expected?

4) In case of employees: How many are affected? Short-time work considered?

5) What would be favourable? Interdiction of events by law, or a conditioned shift of responsibility towards the organizers?

6) What's best to handle? Resceduling events (to a probably also unsafe date), or immediate cancellation?

These questions are important to us because of upcoming dialog with politics united with our partner asociations (read below).
To act on your behalf we need to know your exact situation.

Please understand, that because of the situation, we might not answer to every mail individually.

Kind regards

Jörn Nettingsmeier (member of the board)

04.03.20, 07:40 Reuters:
Altmaier promisses aid for small businesses impacted by CoVid19

Berlin (Reuters) - Economic minister Peter Altmaier promisses aid to small companies hit by the CoVid19-situation.

"We are doing everything, to prevent nationwide impact of CoVid19 on a larger scale", said the CDU-politician on Tuesday. "We will extend the liquidity of companies, to secure especially the smaller and medium ones." Altmaier mentioned no further details.

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