Europe's Fifth Student 3D Audio Production Competition in Ambisonics 2021

For the fifth time in a row, the Student 3D Audio Competition is currently inviting students to participate. This year, the competition will again be embedded in the Tonmeistertagung, with the finals and the award ceremony following some days later. The whole finals session will be broadcast live with binaural audio online and combined with local public viewing events.

The 3D categories:

  • Contemporary / Computer music
  • Audio drama / Documentary / Soundscapes
  • Music recording / Studio production

Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik der Kunstuniversität Graz (IEM) and Verband Deutscher Tonmeister (VDT)

The Competition is a cooperation of the Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik der Kunstuniversität Graz (IEM) and Verband Deutscher Tonmeister (VDT). The contribution format is 5th order Ambisonics as there are many free production tools available and no licence fees have to be paid.
Contributing to the Competition is an important step for the students into the professional world of pro audio. At the same time there are attractive prizes for the winners waiting. Many thanks to the sponsors of this year's Competition!

Headtracking with Camera-Tracked 3D Audio Player (Cat3DA)

How can we deliver multi-channel immersive audio content across the web to the listener? A good basis has been established with the new Cat3DA player (camera-tracked 3D audio player), a tool that allows to stream channel-based 3D audio cotent that the local browser of the listener rendered to head-tracked headphone playback. The motion capture of the head rotations is done by the webcam of the listener's computer.

To make use of it, webcam use must be allowed in the browser tab running the cat3da player.

The combination of Cat3DA including head tracker, together with the competing productions of the Student’s 3D Audio Production Competition 2020 are experimental content of the VDT-Live event by which the advantages of headtracking to binaural playback over the web can be perceivably experienced. The programmers of Cat3DA recommends the following browsers for playback: Firefox, Opera, or Chrome.

The Real-time processing of the headtracking information and the audio processing that it controls pose a certain computational load, and altogether some initial pacience when loading. At the same time, sufficient bandwith to receive the multi-channel audio stream is required. We therefore recommend a good internet connection. If you consider following the stereo live stream of the S3DAPC finals ceremony and intend to change listening to the on-demand Cat3DA streams for their higher spatial-audio resolution while the submissions play back during the ceremony, maybe consider using two independent computers.

This link leads to a test audio:

Listen to last year's Productions

Neugierig geworden? Hier sind sämtliche Preisträger-Einreichungen der Competition des letzten Jahres (2020) binaural mit Headtracking zu hören: