tmt32 topic: Acoustics

Hardly any other subject is as complex and multifaceted as the subject of acoustics. Once you have transferred the science of sound and its propagation from theory to spatial reality, you are already right in the middle between trained sound assessment and state-of-the-art measurement and optimization methods.

This year's 32nd Tonmeistertagung will therefore focus on the acoustics design of modern studio environments, in addition to the calibration and adaptation of different spaces ranging from home to opera houses. There will also be exciting contributions on wave experiments derived from geophysics, as well as actively designed acoustic modifications from the theater and opera environment.

Participating are: Detlef Hennings, Klaus-Hendrik Lorenz-Kierakiewitz, Christoph Reuter, Benjamin Pfändner, Chris Erkal, Benjamin Koziczinski, Karlheinz Stegmaier, Benedikt Roß, Doris Jaindl, Florian Bogner, Pit Kaufmann , Matthias Frank, Johanna Kristl, Finnur Pind, Dirk-Jan Van Manen and Johan Robertsson.

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