Protection measures for employees and companies / help for cultural institutions

In a joint statement, the German finance minister and the minister for economy and energy have announced extensive and immediate measures to support companies and jobs endangered by coronavirus:

The core message of the federal government is this: There is enough money available to fight this crisis, and we will make these funds available. We will take all necessary action. Everyone can rely on this.

We appreciate that trade shows and large events are mentioned first in this paper - although these are not the main sources of income for our members, it shows that the rapid and intensive damage of the event and cultural sectors are being addressed.

At least for the small companies within the VDT, who reported particularly dramatic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic, quick help without unnecessary red tape is on the horizon.

Together with our colleagues in ISDV and IGVW we will continue to work towards solutions that will also apply to freelancers.

Press release about the protection of cultural institutions and agents

The government of Germany and its federal states, together with the municipalities, will provide the necessary financial help to prevent free cultural workers and private cultural institutions and event locations from hardship.

Nothing palpable yet, but there are only so many hours in a day (even in Berlin), and we may hope that our situation is being understood and considered by wide group of political actors.

Statement of the IGVW about the coronavirus crisis

The Joint Interest Group Event Economy (IGVW e.V.), of which we are a proud member since last Summer, calls for calm consideration and solidarity.