Board Elections: How to find your ballot

For the 2022 board election, we have simplified our election process. We no longer use an external platform to which we would have had to send a one-time valid election link (which often ended up in the spam folder). Instead, the individual ballot is waiting for each member in MyVDT. We explain where to find it once the election has started on May 3.

To participate in the board election, a log-in to MyVDT is required. Because this time the ballot is waiting for every single member in the member area. We will send an email to all members before the election starts explaining the election procedure. But even without this email it is quite easy: You log into MyVDT, find a list of currently active polls and elections via the menu item "Polls & Elections" and click there on "VDT Board Election 2022".

From the 3rd of May 2022 on you have the possibility to confirm the president and to distribute up to five votes to the board candidates. This digital ballot can be sent exactly once. Further questions about the election and the technical election process are answered on our elections website and in the elections news feed. If in doubt, we can also help at the office.

The few long-time members who do not have an email address and do not use the Internet (anymore) will still receive absentee ballot documents from us.

Would you like to get an idea of the candidates? You can view their profiles, with which they want to introduce themselves to all members, in the MyVDT area.

You have never logged in to MyVDT and don't know how to do it? Here we have a short explanation. If it still doesn't work out, we in the office are happy to help.

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