New time code slate with field for naming the set sound engineers

We are pleased that our cooperation project with the bvft and Ambient Recording is bearing fruit. The joint project was initiated by the bvft in cooperation with the VDT, triggered by the campaign "Film needs sound". The goal was to list the names of the sound engineers on the set and show them on the time code slate. As of today, the flaps for this are available worldwide. One of the first dealers and distributors is our supporting member Zeigemann_Audio from Hamburg.

"Finally, the sound is mentioned next to the equally film-shaping departments of direction and camera at eye level and clearly visible." says managing director Volker Zeigermann.

Here are more voices from the cooperation partners:

"Film sound adds significant value to the dramaturgy and emotionality of films and series. And it all starts with the original sound," says Michael Hinreiner, board member of bvft.... "Good sound recordings are elementary for a production. It's nice that this will receive more attention in the future on sets with the newly designed Ambient Timecode flap. After all, films can only work their magic in the perfect interplay of image and sound," says Urs Wihler, VDT Head of Film and Television.

"The bvft opened an open door for us when they approached us with the idea. Because we also think film sound deserves more recognition. When we showed the new layout around on a test basis, it was also very well received internationally in the sound community." Günter Knon, Managing Director of Ambient.

All further information can be found in the official joint press release.