Email Server changes / Please read your E-Mails

One last step and VDT has renewed the whole technical infrastructure. This was necessary after many years of expansion, while emails, online services and websites have gained more and more importance.

Now we need your active assistance for finalizing this last step. Each member using an email address on our domain has to move the email account or the forwarding to our new mail server. In details there are three things to do:

  • Activate your email address in MyVDT on the new server
  • Download and save your old emails
  • After changing to the new server: Change your email access data within your email client

Details are described in this PDF (in German language) which we also send via email to all members using a email address.

Time Schedule:

  • until the 29th of Februar 2020: If you want to use your email address without interruption, please avticate it in MyVDT.
  • until the 29th of Februar 2020: Save your important emails which you still want to read after the server move.
  • from 1st of März 2020 on: If you want to use an email box (not a forwarding) and if you want to read it with an email client, please change now your login credentials. From the 1st of March on you can also reach your email box through the webmailer.