Tickets for the Tonmeistertagung

From this Friday on, almost all tickets of the Tonmeistertagung are offered in the ticket store, i.e. also the reduced tickets for VDT members or for students. Members receive a 50% discount when purchasing a congress ticket personalized for them.

How do I get the member discount?

To get this discount, log in to MyVDT. There you will see a button below the menu bar that leads you directly to the ticket store to select the discounted tickets. Non-members will not be shown this discounted selection. To simplify the very complex ticket store, we are no longer offering a two-day ticket this year. Members who want to attend the congress on two days, but for whom the four-day ticket is not worthwhile will receive another personalized ticket code at .

Discounts for members of partner associations

Personal members of our partner associations (AES, ÖTMV, bvft, DEGA, FKTG, DTHG, High End Society, VPLT) also receive a discount after legitimation. This is available via the ticket store. Please proof of your membership (membership card, current annual invoice or a confirmation letter from the association) ready so that we can release the process after checking.

Tickets for contributors to the congress program

All contributors to the congress program should be patient a little longer. Their tickets will not be available in the store until mid-September.

For travel planning, there are many tips and suggestions on the event homepage and in the program calendar that has just been published.