Board Election 2022: Candidates for the Board

The world, the industry and the VDT are changing. We feel the change in our association very clearly; be it that entire industry sectors are not allowed to work or that new fields are opening up. The VDT as a professional association is currently very well positioned and is well networked and recognized. This is the best time to get involved effectively. If you want to make a difference, now is a good time to join the VDT board!

Candidates for the board wanted

In our election regulations it says under §3.1: "All voting members are invited by e-mail and via VDT publications to submit proposals for board candidates by mail, fax or e-mail within a period of six weeks. Candidates for election must be regular members of VDT and should have indicated their willingness to accept election."
We are looking forward to a lively participation! However, with one caveat: VDT has not had a fax for years, so we ask that nominations be submitted by mail, email or phone to the office or the President. The deadline for submission will most probably bei March 18, 2022. Please check the published timeline on our elections website.

You find more informationen about our board elections on our Elections Web Page.