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    Join the Award Ceremony and Listen to Nominee Submissions of Europe's 4th Student 3D Audio Production Competition!

    Nine excellent musical pieces in 3D audio, nominated for the finals of the Europe's fourth Student 3D Audio Production Competition 2020 are available for listening online, on-demand, via a new webcam-headtracked headphone playback, under the link:

    The nominees were selected by the ratings of 25 international experts from a total of 42 submissions produced international participants.

    To find out what the composers/authors of the pieces have to say, how their work was commented on by the international jury, and who is going to win an award in the 3 different categories:

    Register for free to the event at https://tonmeister.org/en/vdt-live/ to receive a link to the live stream of the awards ceremony on Oct 9th, 19:00 CEST.

    There are also some live breakout events that smaller groups of people are hosting around the world, so maybe check out whether there is the option for you to join one of these and listen to the ceremony on a 3D loudspeaker system together with other people.